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For Men

It can be said that Air Jordan 1 for men witnessed the beginning of Jordan'..
The Air Jordan 2 is affected by luxury goods. This sneaker is made in Italy..
Air Jordan III can be said to be one of the most classic shoes in Air Jorda..
Provides the original heritage style, Men's Air Jordan 4 Recro Shoe offers ..
Originally released in 1990, the Jordan 5 was the third Air Jordan designed..
The 1990-91 NBA season was crucial for Michael Jordan. while completing his..
Air Jordan 7 was born in 1992. This is the shoe that Jordan wore when he wo..
The Air Jordan 8 was launched in February 1993. Tinker Hatfield has added a..
Among his early models that are widely considered the best of the Air Jorda..
The Air Jordan X was released in 1994-95. When Jordan (MJ) returned to the ..
The legendary Air Jordan XI was first released in the 1995-96 season. Air J..
The Air Jordan 12 was released in 1996. The AJ12 is the first pair of zoom ..
The excellent AJ13 accompanied Jordan throughout the 1997-98 season. He als..
Inspired by the luxury Ferrari 550 sports car, the prototype of this shoe w..
The Air Jordan 18 (XVIII) is a shoe design based on the Lambo sports car. I..
The Air Jordan 34 shoe is one of the lightest sneakers in Jordan's history,..
The men's Air Jordan 35 is equipped with the new Eclipse Plate 2.0, and the..
The Air Jordan 36 is specially designed for modern courts with an extraordi..
Jordan MA2 men's shoes use unconventional labels, technical microfigures an..
The Jordan Zion 1 basketball shoes are specially built for the court, provi..

For Women

The new Women High Air Jordan 1 is ingeniously crafted, subtly embroidered ..
The Air Jordan 3 is the first pair of Jordan shoes with the Jumpman Logo, a..
Amp up your air in the Air Jordan 4 Retro. Delivering the heritage style of..
Air Jordan 5 represents a design turning point of the Air Jordan series of ..
The shoe Michael Jordan obtained his first-ever NBA Championship in, the 'I..
The Air Jordan 7 inherits the style of the Air Jordan 6 generation in terms..
Air Jordan VIII Nike launched in February 1993, features anti-inversion cro..
Jordan was back for real and he led the Bulls to yet another NBA victory. T..
Air Jordan 12 is also the first pair of shoes equipped with Zoom Air cushio..
The Air Jordan 13 draws inspiration from a black panther, which is reminisc..

Reviews from customers

Air Jordan which brings together sports and fashion becomes a must-have for sneaker collectors and basketball fans.


The jordan sneakers are not very heavy. They are just as comfortable as most really nice basketball shoes. The shoes have plenty of styles which draw inspiration from everywhere.

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